Our Mission

THE BROADWAY WALK OF STARS FOUNDATION, INC., embarks on the path of a Cultural and Historical Education program that begins on the sidewalks of Broadway at Times Square in the Entertainment Capital of the World, New York City.

THE BROADWAY WALK OF STARS FOUNDATION, INC., has been established for the recognition of our most celebrated stars and legends in the form of uniquely designed star squares to be placed on the sidewalks in the Broadway/Times Square area.  These stars will memorialize and honor the legendary names in the disciplines of Theater, Motion Pictures, Television, Music and Dance for generations to come.

THE BROADWAY WALK OF STARS FOUNDATION’s other mission is to discover the stars and legends of the future.  Our intent is to give five scholarships annually—one in each respective discipline--to children in the New York public schools who show talent in these fields.  Some of these scholarships may also be funded by the stars and legends who began their careers on Broadway.  The winners of these scholarships will be determined by a select group of artists who excel in each of the five disciplines.

THE BROADWAY WALK OF STARS FOUNDATION’s website will serve to offer the history of the disciplines being honored along with biographies of the selected celebrated artists.  This educational information will be designed for use in various school systems including colleges and universities.  Study guides will be made available to educational institutions covering the five disciplines and their legends.  In doing so, the history of the theater, motion pictures, television, music and dance will be disseminated over the website for students of all ages. 

  News & Events  

Our devoted board member, Ken Howard, celebrated actor and President of SAG/AFTRA has sadly passed away.

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Congratulations to James Earl Jones on his recent honor at the American Theater Wing Gala.

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Congratulations to our new member Alan Cumming for being nominated for both an Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmy and Best Supporting ...
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