Celebrity Biographies

Arlene Dahl

Acting, beauty, and fashion have highlighted the versatile career of Arlene Dahl. This Scandinavian red head has starred in 30 motion pictures, 19 stage plays (7 of them musicals including the Tony Award winning “Applause” at the famed Palace Theater.) She has authored 16 best selling books on Beauty health and astrology, and for twenty years wrote an internationally syndicated beauty column.

Mrs. Dahl was also one of the first stars to receive a Star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME and has been the leading lady to Hollywood's most celebrated leading men. Some of her lm credits include her lm debut in “My Wild Irish Rose” (1947), “Three Little Words” (1950), “Slightly Scarlet (1953), ”Woman’s World”(1954), and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1959).

Her television credits include guest-starring in over 50 of the best known television programs and series, hosting the Pepsi-Cola Theater, Max Factor’s Opening Night series, as well as Arlene Dahl’s Beauty Spot (1965-66), and “Arlene Dahl’s Love Scopes” (1982-83).

Mrs. Dahl is the founder/President of The Broadway Walk of Stars Foundation to honor Broadway’s legends by placing a Star in their names on the sidewalks of Times Square.