Star Design

 Our Broadway star was designed by former student at Pratt Institute, Jason Pivovitch. The design process began as a design competition at the famous Art University in conjunction with SPAN lead by Peter Barna, Provost of Pratt.  The contest was also overseen by award winning package designer and professor Marc Rosen.

The goal was to create a "Star Design" for the Broadway Walk of Stars that would represent the Legends of Music, Film, Theatre, Television and Dance. The winning design would be embedded in the sidewalks in Times Square, in New York City.

A panel from our Advisory Board selected the winning design to represent the Artists and Icons. Jason’s vision for the star was to capture that old Broadway feel, embodying the art deco aesthetic of the 1930s and 1940s. The design was inspired by the simplicity of the dressing room doors of stars of that era, and was also created to be easily understandable by people of many cultures who visit New York on a daily basis.

Jason is now a partner and creative director at New Day Interactive, LLC. and he and his staff have designed and built our website for the Broadway Walk of Stars Foundation.


  "Star design," designed by Jason Pivovitsch of New Day Interactive, LLC., for the Broadway Walk of Stars. The star is to be embedded in the sidewalks in Times Square, in New York City