Having lived and worked in Hollywood for most of my film and television career, I was fortunate to have been one of the first stars to receive a STAR on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME.

Since New York has been my home for over 30 years, and since New York City is the Entertainment Capital of the World, it occurred to me that we, too, should have a “WALK OF FAME” displaying our stars and legends in the world of Theater, Motion Pictures, Television, Music and Dance.  To this end, we have created a New York not-for-profit foundation called THE BROADWAY WALK OF STARS FOUNDATION, INC.  It has received tax-exempt status and we are moving ahead quickly....

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  Nominate Your Favorite Star

BE INVITED to the ceremony when the star YOU nominate is chosen by the "Broadway Walk of Stars" distinguished panel and see history in the making! Place your nomination here.
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  Virtual Map of Stars

Times Square, one of New York’s most iconic sites, synonymous with entertainment, is the ideal location to honor the great artists of our time. Scroll over this virtual map to see the proposed "Walk of Stars."
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  Support the Walk

Please support this overdue tribute to the arts with your TAX FREE DONATION. Honor the stars and icons who made Broadway what it is today with a donation and help us reach our million dollar goal. Don't miss the opportunity to make our stars shine!
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